Springvale Leisure Limited Manufacturers and suppliers of Quality Furnishings

Springvale Leisure was founded by James Duffield in 2002 when he chose to end his retirement and form a new company in order to meet increasing industry demand.

With his 45 years of experience Mr Duffield put together a skeletal team of 8 staff to service a small order book that that in its first 10 years has grown to a point where the company now employs over 120 personnel. Continuing to move from strength to strength Springvale is set to expand even further over the coming years.

Springvale Leisure distinguishes itself from other manufacturers by an insistence of close collaboration with its customers and their designers. An inherent belief in technical innovation has made Springvale the forerunner of design realisation, often paving the way for industry related manufacturers to follow. This driving emphasis on progression and creativity is integral to Springvale Leisure. There is a shared pride in knowing that if a new product demands new materials or production methods, regardless of how challenging, they will be sourced and developed.

�Quality, Integrity, Service�

Springvale Leisure designs and manufactures upholstered furniture, soft furnishings and curtains for static home and caravan interiors as well as the hotel, bar and healthcare industries. Springvale prides itself on its enviable list of customers ranging from Swift Caravans to Kurt Geiger to the Marriott Group of hotels. The diversity of these household names, all synonymous with quality represents the broad spectrum of capabilities Springvale maintains.

Within its first 10 years of operation Springvale became a significant and highly reputable supplier to the furniture industry, managing to maintain its reputation for quality whilst still expanding and moving into developing markets. Springvale is able to achieve this by consistently adhering to its company motto, "Quality, Integrity, Service".


Springvale puts a great amount of thought into the materials we use, placing a firm emphasis on reliable sourcing and sustainability. All of our timber is supplied by FSC registered companies meaning that it's sourced from sustainable, ecologically managed forests.

Springvale strives to keep all waste to a minimum, our office and factory employees alike are very conscious of this issue and its importance in our sustainable development, whatever waste we do create we strive to recycle. Springvale also regularly monitors all of its suppliers to ensure that they too maintain a commitment to environmental issues.


Intelligent Spring Systems

Working exclusively with the award winning inventors and manufacturers of an advanced spring design, Springvale have been developing a highly innovative range of cushions that offers unparalleled levels of comfort and support. Along with further products currently in the development we hope to showcase this range in 2014 throughout all our customer bases.

Integrated Audio

Springvale are developing sofas and chairs with integrated audio systems. Using Bluetooth technology they will be able to link wirelessly to audio devices, smartphones and visual equipment. Although not a revolutionary concept the advanced technology and development techniques employed mean that the systems are discreet and aesthetically compatible with luxury interiors.

EPP Mouldings

Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) is highly versatile closed-cell bead foam that provides a unique range of properties, including outstanding energy absorption, multiple impact resistance, thermal insulation, buoyancy, water and chemical resistance, exceptionally high strength to weight ratio and 100% recyclability. Springvale have been integral in pioneering production methods with this material and are currently working alongside our major customers to realise its potential in the furniture industry.

The Renaissance Hotel

Set in the heart of Amsterdam The renaissance hotel is a Luxury hotel aimed at both a business and tourist demographic. Springvale were commissioned to refurbish the hotel throughout, manufacturing the furnishings for the bedrooms as well as dining room, bar and reception.

Kurt Geiger

Springvale manufactures sofas and stools for multiple Kurt Geiger stores. Most notably their flagship Covent Garden store (pictured). These bright red fluid sofas are now considered to be an instantly recognisable and integral part of the Kurt Geiger brand.

The Kingly Club, Soho

Springvale was selected to realise the redesign of Soho's Kingly Club. Once a favoured spot for 1960's social elite; the venue was revived into one of London's most exclusive private members clubs.

The Harrods Bath

Springvale were commissioned by a prevalent British designer to create a bespoke leather bath for Harrods. The unusual production methods and extensive research necessary to create this piece is a typical example of Springvale's willingness to embrace challenge.

As the Managing Director of Springvale Leisure my directive for the company is simple; provide an exceptional product with an exceptional service. - J Duffield, MD